In your journey of life, it is a hope that everything is calm and you are always bliss but that is not the case. You are the experience of what you feel and there are lows and unsettling moments at times. Sometimes the inspiration from the soul seems to be forgotten, but know this, the stableness of your personality is what must be strengthened by action, duty, and sometimes non-involvement.

Depending on your soul’s evolution you will always have access to great thoughts and great moments, but sometimes you are on your own and that presence which is the singularity of your personality should reach a state of maturity and acceptance that it will create a valid bond to life. When that personality becomes mature and aware, the highs and lows are more average. It is good to invest in your soul but it is also good to invest in your personality.

So whatever it takes learn to be strong and yourself. Inspiration comes and goes and the best thing to do is learn not to hold on but accept each day as a flavour in your life of emotion. Never forget you know the right thing to do at every moment. Reinforce the positive in yourself and neglect the negativity. For life has many emotional states like the weather itself.


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