If you haven’t noticed there have been certain weather events that have been occurring on the planet as well as your own personal lives. The energies of the cosmos are aligning for a great infusion of hope, spiritual connection, and powers you’ve never dreamed of. Many of you will be having intense dreams and teaching, and many of you will be having guided personal workshops with your oversoul and teachers in preparation for new vortices of energies coming to the planet.

There are great numbers of inner dimensional light shifts coming into this sector and aligning. Each of you has a certain crystalline code form that will be activated on your soul level. These are like fingerprints, it is your soul essence. It is the markings of your evolution, your hearts, and your clarity or your delusion, negativity and corrupted database of life and actions. These are events happening on the planet with intense flares, weather changes, and social events, and there is going to be intense contact with many of you with these beings of higher dimensions that you are connected to.

Like a magnet realigns and pulls out the iron in a pile of sand so shall you be galvanized at your core by your goodness and your clear hearts of love. For those that are generally real and loving it has not been in vain, you will find great comfort and will become strengthened at your core. Because of the nature of your hearts and soul and your wisdom, there will be a new breath of life at your core and in your blood and veins. This is a great time for the unfolding of your light and your spiritual powers will return. Great connections will be with your spiritual family as well as very illusionary episodes in your worldly affairs will be served.

While others will cause these manufactured events and distortions, you of the light will be pulled to peaceful conclusions and be guided to inner strength while the deluded will become much more confused and victimized by social manipulations that are going to occur. These episodes with your power industries often mimic events that are happening on the cosmic level, and the controllers want to show you who has the power. Therefore it is very essential for you to grasp the powers of the soul and your spirit guides and family, to be isolated with these forces of inner rising energy which will take you to clarity.

Great events are to occur and there is going to be quite a flux of events because those that control your world will do anything they can to alter these energies for the advancement you deserve on a soul level that has meaning and purpose. Mankind is at the threshold of a new state of quanta of energy.


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