There are many disciplines of health and healing, there’s not only one doctor that heals the sick. Take this to the higher learning of your mind and understand that there are many spirit guides on your planet that intercede and want to work with each of you to evolve but you must listen and understand your wisdom. The higher you raise your frequency the higher your teachers will be.

Diametrically, the lower you vibrate and put your mind to illusion you will have teachers and obsessive-compulsive discarnate entities instructing you to top off your life forces and mislead you. There is a definite distinction and you will know them by the quality of your life, LOVE, and clarity. So, applying this to the rationale there is not only one God but there is only one YOU and that is your responsibility.

Understand and grow as a seedling into a tall tree of wisdom and power embracing the heavens and connecting to the Earth. You have been through many incarnations and these are fragments of personalities that are all linked to a common core and this is your oversoul. When you incarnate most of you lose connection with this wisdom.

When you leave your body you embrace the whole that is your personality which surrenders to the greater light. All of its lessons and the presence is restored to the higher being that is you. The real you, the I AM presence. Some of you have maintained and are ascending. You have opened up the veil and can see beyond. You see and know of your previous lives and others.

But this takes a certain level of evolution of the master that comes into the body to do work and learn more about sociological reactions with others that are lost and distorted or high and bright and this is the wisdom they have gained again.

So pass your test wondrous entities.


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