Do not trouble yourself, there is plenty of trouble out there. When you participate in the confusion and distortion of others you begin to own it. Reaction is the beginning of how you approach things in your life. It sets the groundwork for things to intensify. This is where experience and knowledge have their saving graces.

This is what sets the experienced apart from the novice. Do not be at odds with yourself and learn to view situations and traumas from many sides and perspectives before you commit to actions you may regret. Know your nature and those that you come into contact with that are formidable in your life. Sometimes you must see with your own eyes and through the eyes of others.

Bad company is a negative influence on your clarity. Stay with what feels right and leave what distorts your inner knowing. Instincts are preconceptions that often are quicker than the mind and thinking can be persuaded to mislead you. Learn to flow with what you feel.


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