Enlightenment is a state of charge and vibrational glow throughout your whole being. There is no better feeling in your heart and presence than when you are in a state of vibrational euphoria when the soul glows through your body.

Make sure you get proper amounts of Sun daily and never underestimate the power of the Sun and its radiance. This connection is what you need because it is pure electromagnetic energy.

Those of the quickening soul know the art of Sungazing, when the Sun begins to rise and when the Sun begins to set. These are wonderful times to look at the Sun and let this energise your body, that alone can bring you into a quickened state.

Know the art of Sungazing so that the light can come through your eyes and your state of being. Study the science and you will find incredible powers awakened within yourself. Be sure to understand the science and the training because it is the very power source of a Master.

The light is always there, you just need to turn to it.



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