Are you keeping your connection to your soul charged? You often want things done without putting out the energy. When you realise you need to put energy into making changes into your lives for them to occur. Anytime you’re out of balance chemically, emotionally and physically because of diets and habits it is kind of like a sink full of dishes and a messy countertop.

What you need to do is roll up your sleeves and take one issue at a time and bring order into your life. Much of what you are focusing on is what you are magnifying. Life is a continuing process of reidentification, refocus, and you often need stimulation. Don’t forget to stimulate your soul and mind with present thoughts. Wisdom goes a long way in setting positive patterns In your life. Remember your life is a series of input which manifests the output.

Inspiration is so vital to the core of your being. If you read and identify with inspirational things it will have a positive effect on your life just as the people you keep around you. Be ever vigilant to not be sucked into the media of propaganda and negativity which lowers your vibration. The soul likes order and clarity so by keeping that around yourself you will always keep a higher vibration and order.

Learn to maintain a higher frequency.


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