What you image upon yourself through imagination is the image you resonate in every form. Imagine that. Fear takes a fine line in this domain for fear is that which has not happened but that which can happen and what you imagine. Fear plays upon your mind and your images and enslaves you. Judgment to yourself against the matters in the flesh is another limitation that you must conquer. For an image held in the mind weaves all the fabric of form about you.

Spend more time in imagining yourself to be an image you care to hold and honour that sacredly. This is why they call it self-image because it is the self that manufactures self-identity to form thoughts and opinions, all of which are changing and never stationary but transitionary. Make it a habit to visualise and imagine yourself with value and clarity. The speed of which this can happen is the state of letting go of the old forms and this brings true information to that which has been misinformed.

Reform your inner and change your thoughts to the highest opinion and honour and that is what you will create in your self-image. Everything is transitionary and is all based on the forms of images, all of which you control. Learn to control your thoughts with the strength of your inner sovereignty. Be careful with who you trust your images because ultimately you entrust your image to you. Create yourself with an image of splendour and that is what you render.

Lighten-up and lighten-in, it is just mere perceptual identity and action.


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