Just as you tune a radio so should you tune in your body to higher frequencies. Learn to put down the endless thoughts running in your head to hear the voice and the teachings that your soul gives you to free you from the Matrix and infuse you with hope, knowing that you’re more than a working struggling bag of worries and obligations of ‘things to do’.

You have more knowledge and understanding than you think when you can tune in to the presence of your soul and spirit guides. Your spirit guides are as your teachers and come and go, with new ones there to teach you as you progress in your life. Discover the peace and wisdom from this illusion, break the wavelengths of this force with one thought from source at a time.

Bring love with you each moment you are here. Question your religions and history, for it is manufactured to mislead you with the laws created to enslave you. For they will pull you into wars and fear to control you if you are not aware. Side with your soul and the guides will teach you how to free your soul spark.

Bring the ignition of wisdom into your minds and hearts from the higher realms. Learn and trust your inner information when it is LOVE based and evolved, for it has a natural frequency and presence that illumines HUE. The spiritual goal in life is to awaken to this connection and stream this presence into the world while using the Earth mind.

This union becomes the wisdom of your real existence. Polish yourself into brilliance to reflect your inner LIGHT.


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