When you’re in the deepest of gloom and don’t know where to go and you’re feeling weighted there is another aspect of yourself that is acknowledging this and telling you what you need to do to change the situation. Rather than focus on the heaviness of things you have to do that are troubling you listen to the whisper of the mind and the soul that will always guide you. Think of it like the turn of the century phone switchboard.

You can plugin and redirect many things in the mind, psyche, and heart and when there are negative situations you the operator can unplug and disconnect the signal. It is really that simple. Sometimes you as humans overthink things when they cannot be thought out. Oftentimes you come into the currents of other humans that plague you. This is why the best thing you can do is unplug and look for new pathways of situations for change.

Oftentimes you light up negative situations which are the processing of somebody else’s debris and problems that they have made you responsible for. Be keen on the law and be keen on the solution and understanding of the situation. Avoid lighting up more excess energy in feeding the attacks that are flung at you. The world is full of troubled people, many of which are without conscience and they can and will come across your path.

Be aware there are predatory people that consciously or unconsciously vampires with your energy. So when they come to your consciousness unplug and redirect their energy elsewhere, don’t take it into yourself. Own your problems and manifest your solutions and don’t accept the new delivery of problems. Knowing the warning signs of disruptive people goes a long way in protecting your sanity and welfare.

Follow your currents of gloom and look to the sources and you will often find that they are coming from a recent connection made with a disturbing event and disturbed entity behind it.


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