Dear souls, realise life on this world is your school and it is temporal. All entities in the Universe must ultimately come to terms with themselves and the greater essence that is all around them. This includes all life, animals, nature, and forms. All are alive and one energetic energy of cosmic geometric forms of light and radiance, all interconnected as one Universal fractal. You are in the process of evolution mind you. Your life is a series of tests and experiences that you must learn and make your own decisions. This is what builds your character and nature.

Your world is not the same as it once was and very corrupted families have for centuries taken over the world and have brought slavery and pain to your world and many distortions that you term evil. This is allowed in the lower dimensions for your world is quarantined. Travellers incarnate here from all over the COSMOS to take on a hue-man body and to work out scripts and tests designed to happen for lessons. Know you are of greater form and knowledge than the fragments of your learned biological mind and personalities.

You have agreed to the terms and conditions here but you must pass the test in order to move on. In brief, the lesson is compassion for others and clarity, to prevail in your power to do the right thing and make the right choices in every situation. Not all your tests are the same and you are working from different angles. But know this interference is just that, and until you resolve your lessons with others and learn to let them have their tests of nature and seek yourself into perfection you will continue to repeat the test and experiences until you get it right.

How can I tell you the most important game-changer is LOVE and respect? When you learn this you will have arrived and transmuted all your Karma. It can take lifetimes of wrestling with your partners and associates to settle the score. So if you want a word of wisdom, raise your vibrations through love and stop the reactions of discord that often infect you by the bite of others poisons that have harmed you. Learn to fight, but do so to finish and end the connection of the denser fallen ones that are Earthbound. Know that they are your teachers.

Your world of personal experiences will change when you cease the chain reactions of your mingling with troubled entities and let them float away from being adrift in their own illusions and lessons. You are not responsible for the game behind the curtains here. You are responsible for yourself and your spiritual nature that is eternal. You must become advanced and learn the ways of love, power and knowing. Remember that Earth is a school and there is a veil. Love will open this. Be careful of religion for it is often tainted with manipulative following that further traps you.

You must be true to yourself, for your vibrations are your keynote and identity, the frequency of your presence. This you must keep in a balanced nature, for the realms of the greater true self that is unified with the presence has HUE in good keeping and you are all LOVED. Honour your divinity with integrity. Know this, you learn great things from the lowest of low that has no space or place you care to ever go. These are the actions of the ignorant and they are your teachers.


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