Emotions are everything, you are light of the mind and what triggers your behaviour are the seasoning of your lives. Therefore, emotions must be maintained in an equilibrium that is in balance. Your inner world within yourself is weighted by emotions. Imbalances in your life create imbalances in your emotions. Positive things in your life create positive emotions.

Think of it as volume control, if emotions are out of balance and in pain, then your state of being becomes very uncomfortable. Just as you regulate a furnace for combustion so must you regulate your emotions. They are powerful and a driving force of life. If they are not contained and out of balance then you need to turn down your emotion.

When you have a pinpointed agenda emotions turn into a usable force of power called ‘passion’. Destructive emotions are the form of anger, but even they have a force of power to harness. Anger to harm someone is not the goal of the soul and just as fear is to give you a warning of fight or flight, it is based on survival and state.

Just be aware that your consciousness can have control over any one of your emotions, but your actions become the generators of the pictures of your experience. Use emotions to amplify a balanced action in yourself, that is when you need to turn up the volume. The real world is what you feel within yourself.

Don’t let the negative world infiltrate the sovereignty of your mind and heart if it is negative, for this is how you are all controlled to agendas of corporate and special interest groups. The secret is to tune in and focus on the station you want to have in your reality. When you pick up static and things are running out of kilter turn down the emotions.


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