Be prepared, for things to come will be like the world has not seen for the last 3500 years with turbulent winds, weather conditions, meteorites, and perhaps even a pole shift. Like a calm before the storm, there is craziness on the planet with winds and strange weather patterns. There are strange things happening with the Sun. There are solar flares along with an intensity of great cosmic energy from the null zone. Many observers from the surrounding solar systems are coming to watch this event and study.

Those that have taken your knowledge already know of the transition your planet is to make with their secret military underground bases stocked with food, generators and futuristic cities made from the sweat of your brow for the elite. What is going on with your power and systemic shutdowns is corroboration to see how the masses will react when the real events occur and the whole grid is shutdown. They are testing power outages to see the state of human society as a whole.

When you start feeling uneasiness about people and or situations take that as a warning because everybody’s issues are being lit up. People are unconsciously reacting to something they are feeling. The leaders of the world know what will happen and they do not want mass hysteria. Don’t be surprised if you find people acting in a state of unawareness, because they know something is happening that can’t be explained.

Your planet is like a petri dish in an experiment. Those that are running this world will not fair easy, for where there is a lack of love and compassion there is destruction. There has to be unity, for one is no better than the other. Every sentient being has the responsibility to be mature and in balance and obedient to the laws of nature and the Universe. Many are being taught corruptive ideas of nature by the media with coercion.

There are men and women and biologically there is a polarisation of the genders that is the very nature that creates the spark of energy flow and polarity. There are men and there are women but you do not change your bodies after you have already contracted to be in one. Do not be led by this neurotic and insane concept. Some souls tend to align with female energy and some with male energies but while you are in these biological forms of human bodies on earth there are very basic fundament laws the agenda of the elite have to confuse you.

When you do not know whether the earth is round or flat and when your ability to reason is putting you back in the dark ages, they don’t want you thinking. My suggestion to you all is to learn how to survive and come together because there will be a great leaning of life and many will perish. Nothing to do with if you are good or bad, it is the cosmic clock and it is slated to be.


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