Consciousness is the caller of reality and the flight of your soul. You are the passenger and the viewer of your journey in the form of reality that you feel. When you judge the reality of who you are, it is coming from how you are feeling in your perceptions and how other people feel about you. So there is a tremendous amount of quickening happening on the planet, for it is for like the call to the wild. The wilds of nature and the Universe are coming to the surface, and your realities of life and perceptions that have dominated your reality are being quickened and are subliminal, deep, and overwhelming to the untrained.

The dream state has become awakened and the sleeper has become the dream, this is how reality is changing. What you are dreaming is bringing into photon energy the reality of what you think you are. This is going to be quite compelling and frightening, to discover a wake-up call, and the soul is going to make a tremendous transition. It is like a record player on a certain velocity of spin and rotation and vibration.  It is like going from 16 rpm to 32 rpm.   So there is a new quanta of energy and this is a state of vibration and energetic spin of the toroidal molecules of your body.  Reality is going to happen quickly and your greater power and potential will be released of what is normally controlled in the matrix to what is the nature of your being.

You are the creator and whatever you have created is your balance sheet. Whatever is your debt will be manifested, for karma is knowledge, activation, reality, memory, and acceleration. Everything is based on energy, illumination, and radiance. Whatever it is you are lighting up in your psyche and mind, that is what you will experience. The planet is making an incredible change all based on energies that the rulers have not been able to stop with time. The travellers of light that come to harvest the souls and take them onward have come and gone many times in the playgrounds of the Earth and in many civilisations.

Be of good keeping, for what you are cannot be changed. What you are you collect about you, and everything about you becomes a mirror to see yourself. If you want to change the world change yourself, for you are here because you have selected to be here. Just know that many of you have forgotten that this is all a game and a journey. Now is a time to be settled and breathe. Know that you must find the centre of your world. Everything you have put in your psyche is coming to review and you are the one to review. Think of it like a diploma, sooner or later you have to graduate.

There are many worlds, universes, and realities. This is not the only reality. There are worlds of very civilised races and wondrous planets of life and experiences. How can I get you to understand that the most important thing you need to learn is love? For love is a vibration that is based on harmony and balance, not discord, fear, and shortages. Fear is always coming from a space that there isn’t enough. The manipulators want to create shortages and the belief system that there is not enough but there are obviously plenty of resources.

Many are taken from their hearts and minds down the rabbit holes of slavery, self-judgment, indictments, and self-rejection. This life is for nobody else but your own soul’s journey. People are going through mass amnesia that is programmed into the masses. You cannot forget what you already know. You have been coerced into belief systems of what is held by the masters and rulers of the world against your soul sovereignty and the dreamers must awaken. Into the reality of the New Earth comes new power of liquid into crystalline formed light jelled geometric wave forms creating new worlds.

The molecules that cannot boil to the state of advancement will stay liquid and not vaporise and make the transition. They will have to start over again, in a different form of space and time.

Quential .

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