Everything is the weaving of energy at different densities of pulsed waveforms. It is assembled by geometric grids and vibratory resonance acted upon the consciousness of those that are the living crystals of perception and states of being. The avatars and masters can and do work with these principles and manifest from the astral holographic forms you call solid and real. This is however only the assembly of creation in the grid of the lower densities you term terra. We that speak to you are very advanced and many of us come from within the Earth that you dwell upon.

The Earth is in fact very much like a hollow egg and inside are the walls of terra that are roughly 1287 kilometres. Inside are oceans and forests and caves with beauty beyond the imagination. Inside lies a central Sun and it is the source of the inner Earth Sunlight. You at your density live on the outer skin and are exposed to the outer radiations and elements. We have access to your world through the North and South Poles that have intense energies of magnetism and electrical charges that are not only the force fields of your planet, it is also the gateway into our planet and home world.

You have been fed misinformation and are trapped by your belief systems and states of perception. It is not telling you to think outside of the box that you perceive us. The tragedy is that this does not happen until your container bodies are put into a box and you are free again as a spirit being. We look very much like your Adamic form but we are much larger in stature. Our average height is 10 feet tall, but this varies from regions. Inside our world where I dwell currently the cites are in vast caves with gold ceilings and emeralds and gems that give off a light very much like your LED coloured lights.

There are very tall buildings mostly round and geometrical that are 27.5 meters tall and usually house about 30 occupants. Families have their own suites and our heating and cooling are done with exchanges of pipes and geothermal fluid cooling. In our world, we exist to learn and study and our creature comforts are not what we strive to focus our attention on. We are very spiritual and travel in and out of time and visit your world to study your behaviour. Because you are of good attributes with potential for error acting out with your false leaders, we observe the potential and watch many of you in how you solve your life challenges.

Sometimes we incarnate upon your world and must put aside all of our superpowers to take on the containers you call human. Our nature is that we have a great sense of humour with love and compassion but are very vulnerable to trusting by assumed nature of the character that all know of the Law of One. We are in essence the Supreme Presence intertwined in the venture of this experience of the cosmos. Upon your world, your core that is of the knowing has been hijacked by religions and Govern Mental agendas to entrap you. You are all kept and taught lies of the Universe and your history.

We are often there for our family to guide you telepathically to remember that the soul is real and that many of you are divine masters and you have been entrapped by the lower thinking of this world and news. Your outer world is going to go through a change in rotation by induction and your poles are going to shift. This will activate the grids upon the outer realms that are buried and many of our ancient devices are to come online. These are mostly the pyramids which are built upon the grids of the Earth or lay lines. The planet right now is in a major state of flux and much of the vibrations are rising.

Your Sun is appearing to be much hotter but this is because the induction motor of the Earth Iron and Nickel lava liquid is aligning to the clocks of the cosmos for the next quanta leap. This is not the end of the world but the restoration and reset and this is making the Pirates of your planet very nervous. Like the burning of Rome, their time is over and the charade will not have the military or the forces of man to deal with a world in fire and survival mode. All of what you know of the lies will now have to be disclosed and we have come to take you out of your dungeon.

Hybrid Reptilians have also gamed with your species for the last 3,000 years changing your DNA and incarnating and learning their sport of passion and emotions that they do not possess. This is your Satan or devil and though you talk of the Son of God, we wish to point out that it is the SUN of the Cosmos that is returning to bring in this shift. A great battle of territory for these experiences is being studied by the Reptilian and the Inner Earth beings that have the ancestry of the Advanced Atlantis. One thing is certain, your world is now going into a vibrational state of change. Great energies are going to affect you, not only in your weather and terra, but also in your minds.

Uncomforted mental images will be hard for many of you for you will now have to grasp a whole new reality. If you want to get this resolved the crystal eye of your pineal gland must be operable and not solidified by calcium carbonate and heavy metals and aluminium. You are being fed fluoridated water and are being crop dusted as pests by the elite to destroy your higher faculties with chemtrails. So let the souls of light and love advance and the lower stay in the lower patterns and become the tools of the negative forces that love war and death and suffering to feed the natures of the Reptilians rebels that have been sent here to learn as well.

As we have sent the disrupted to prison in your world to learn, so have the Reptilians. They are not all bad but their factions that are not so loving and understand the Law of One will be here to play out their whims and wishes. I will continue to share more in the following notes. just know this is a great moment upon the planets. Look beyond to the exposure of the hidden knowledge.


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