It may appear that your president Donald Trump is an evil person from the context of business and environmental concern. He was slated to be your president 20 years earlier and you are all going through the motions of believing you have free choice and a vote for choosing for your president. However, their ideas didn’t quite pencil out and there were conflicts in the boards of the Illuminati.

Some factions have broken up and during this time there is contact with inner-terrestrial, the Pleiadian, and the Alliance of Planets warning that there is a great change of events to occur and there is no time for the Agenda 21 with their deep underground military bases and their pathetic facilities.

Though they knew of current events in the ancient manuscripts that they took from Alexandria, they had no idea the impact of Planet X would be, nor of what is coming in to the new house of the Age of Aquarius where the planet will have a different rotation and cosmic energy field and go through an evolution.

There is such an interest in those that maintain through all of these centuries of tribulations and dominance of the elite. There are those that have maintained clarity and integrity and they are going to be making a Quantium leap, because many are ascended masters holding this together.

The planet is getting ready to make an acceleration in its vibratory condition and humans are along for the ride. There has been a lot of attempts to make the planet sickly and uninhabitable. There must be disclosure to the people immediately to prepare them for the earth changes that are about to occur in the next two years.

There are going to be solar flashes and electric ignition of force fields and opening of realities unseen for centuries. The very pyramids from the Atlantean age will be coming online and many of the extraterrestrials and innerterrestrials will be coming for the earth rotational change pole shift and recalibration of these ancient devices inside the earth and its grid work.

Because of their misinformation, the cabal has factions of the board having a corporate change of management. In essence, Donald Trump will be the commander making final decisions and disclosing information because the realities of your planet have been dominated with false information.

Meanwhile, there is a strong force from the Democrats and the Rockefellers and Rothschilds to prevent the evolution of the species and to systematically work on destroying society for there is no clarity of morals and behaviour and they are poisoning young children.

There is an all-out war between what you call the Conservatives and the Liberals as it may appear, but more is going on behind your two-party system. You would be much better sending the President positive thoughts and support because what he has to do is not easy. What you are experiencing on your planet is going to be epic, to say the least.

The underlying fact is these technologies are not yours without the wisdom and love and spiritual awareness to use them. They have been locked down until you as a species have reached a point of light and spiritual awareness. While you are fighting your wars, other things are going on behind the scenes.


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