What you know as history is a modification of lies and false truths. What you know as god and saviours are created iconic archetypes to deceive and mislead you. The real history of the world which you should have known was taken away by Rome. Rome created your religions from the ancient ones already in place for they knew the power of what spiritual connection was and redrafted history, taking away all of the gems of mankind which are buried in the Vatican catacombs in Rome.

Christopher Columbus did not discover the Americas, he was sent there when Spain finally had the technology to create ships to cross the ocean with provisions. Not only did he bring his men he brought diseases to save and conquer the powerful nation of the Americas. The very noble office of the White House has been build on very powerful ley lines of the earth which had previous pyramids and power points that the American Indians had which they disassembled and took down to desecrate with the Illuminati nations. They took the secrets of mankind and felt it was their power to rule the world.

Near the Great Lakes were pyramids of greater statue than South America. The Native Americans lived in peace and in harmony with nature. They had a written language that was very hieroglyphic, similar to Egyptian and Atlantean and were very much connected to the Pleiadian and star-faring entities of the cosmos. The Roman conquerors set up the colonies and later the United States of America and built the Statue of Liberty which was the symbol of the prostitute goddess.

Your country has been ruled by the Rosicrucian Masons ever since and has become corrupted beyond measure. Donald Trump is a mason, they are all masons and a part of a secret order but Donald Trump has broken away from the Illuminati to bring back the once noble causes of the Masons. The war that you see on the planet are the factions of the Masons taken over, realising they have corrupted the world with irresponsibility.

The American Indians knew that someday the ant people would come from the depths of the earth and the star-faring people would come in their ships. They knew the world would be contacted again during a time of great metamorphic change and this is where you are at the moment with the current changes. Those that run the earth and the governments have the tanks and weaponry and power at this time, but during the transition, those that have been contacted and made aware telepathically in their sacred order are retiring to their noble causes of the Masons and have been warned of the future.

They are systemically working to undo the damage of the toxic leaders that have been running the planet and are going to reveal great information that you must understand to make the quantum leap your planet is going to go through. This is why your society is at a crossroads with your spiritual nature and consciousness still intact. Radical perverted sexual oppression has now corrupted factions by the other hand of the elite, but in 2020 you must find your inner vision and see clearly.

Many think they can control the world and can change it, but they are just pawns. When the star-faring and inner earth people return and have already returned, the planet will make major changes all based on the vibration of the mentality of consciousness. This is why certain factions of the Illuminati are poisoning the brains of the people with aerosol spraying and mercury vaccinations that destroy DNA in the body, and corrupted sexual behaviour which is against nature and biology all of which will plague your consciousness.

More of the world population will be destroyed to eradicate the perversions of humanity, all based on the consciousness and clarity of societies which is simultaneously being corrupted by the fallen factions of the Masons. The house of Rome is falling and it is in fire. We are at the cusp of a new era which is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

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