There are soldiers that have been genetically engineered that have abilities of strength and speed beyond your imagination. A perfect commando of biological superiority, but the latest additions are artificial intelligence and linked group mind hybrids that are biologically integrated to a controlled central unit. They are super-strong trained warriors that can operate in unison without emotions or mental disturbances a human being would have.

Look at your world as being advanced with civilisations being around at the apices of your planet that have become star-faring explorers beyond time and space with the technologies. The world is a biological experiment of the human and other extraterrestrial life forms in hybrid form with conscious souls incarnating into the world. What you know is beyond what you have been told and this history dates back most strongly around the 1930s.

There is a secular order of the Illuminati and the brotherhood which walk the path of the occult and had foreseen the information in the catacombs with the knowledge of the hollow earth and pre-Adamic races and extraterrestrial visitation of very advanced civilisations which are not part of your history. There is a war going on for control of your planet which is becoming very subversive and opaque at the moment.

This is nothing to do with religion. The planet is evolving and the frequencies will change when the planet changes from counterclockwise. The pole shift will be an electromagnetic polarity change that will take down the matrix which is projected from the Moon. The planet is a holographic projection and a mathematical design and biological experiment and this goes beyond your physical form.

Your souls are being bought here to upgrade and for cycles of karma. You are from beyond and are multidimensional, kept in illusion by the controlling factions that run this world. The technologies on the planet are beginning to advance at an extreme rate kept in disclosure. There is a war in the factions of the elite governments as you can see with Donald Trump and Democratic parties, as well as the ruling nations of Russia and China especially.

There is secret biological programming happening and the human species is being manipulated. Understand, the human DNA and biological ladders of chemistry can be woven with the integration of consciousness and integration of artificial intelligence. You are at the infancy of playing gods and you are not ready.

Your DNA and life-force are being used as a station for other advanced beings and your planet is connected through the agreement of biological forms and technology in exchange for the manufacturing of human life forms. Your government is not run necessarily by world powers but there are many factions of extraterrestrial control that have taken over the planet for the last 70 years.

The ignorant and prideful masons and rulers at the time were taunted with ideals of running the world with a superior controlling class and were manipulated. They now must surrender complete control to the other agendas that have inundated the planet. The war that is happening is between these factions that are far beyond your comprehension of technology and agendas.

Your souls are eternal and are not of the biological entrapment. The only entrapment that exists are your contracts with others. What you are seeing in the world is only a glimpse of the ongoing war which is inner dimensional control that will ruin and depopulate the planet. Many of you are from our sector as soldiers and will be making many changes. The children coming in are being vaccinated and brainwashed so they will not be able to come online.

The most important thing you can do is deal with your connections in the matrix. You know the answers and you must go within. Be patient, as your vibrations increase you will awaken from amnesia and many signs will appear. Your mission is not this world, your mission is your awakening so you can download a greater sense of who you really are as an interdimensional being of love and higher consciousness.

Many are from the realms of the Galactic Federation of Planets which there are currently 96 members in this sector. Your mission is for you to activate the potential currents and power of the cosmic energies that will be coming in. Depending on how you have passed the test of your life you will be given a governor of that power with those around you and you will accelerate to the maximum of your human containment.

Many will not be mature and will seek the amplification of the matrix world and will incorporate using the same ignorance of this planet. This has nothing to do with ego, you are here to evolve and fine-tune as warriors for the changes that are to occur. Many are contacted in your twenties and will be monitored. When you come online you will remember what you are.

Memories will be coming through as if you have woken up from amnesia for you are beacons of light to help a world that is going to go through major cosmic shifting. You literally see tears in reality as you know it. Many of you have already come online and know what you came in to be before you embodied.


Art: getty images.

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