Women will become lost and frail without a leader when their principle of male energy becomes a springboard to blame their own problems. When you think you can understand men better than men, and you do not encourage men to become strong and noble in the grounding force of the house, then you have an inept¬†castrated male figure and a dominant female figure from a woman’s point of view, which is why society is failing as a whole.

Men should not be emasculated but empowered and then they can be the powerhouses of what they are as male. Women should be the creative principle of the divine goddess, the one who can create life from their body. Men should be men and women should be women. The conflict arises with the manipulation of the genderless principles of this reality. The truth is cloaked with the illusion that you are going to solve all your problems by redesigning the principles of life and creation.

The strength of men will then become restless, powerless, and castrated. The family unit and the guidance of the children by the mother from the female principle shall root outside of the home in competitive distortions to blame everyone for everything. This stems from the principle of the divine male and female being desecrated by the agenda of the elite. Their propaganda of society is to create a socialist cesspool of a weak collective that has no backbone or measure of strength.

The women’s feminist movement has been heightened since the 60s. You are now approaching 2020 and nothing positive except the extreme burden of survival has occurred and hatred of the sexes, so the family nucleus is destroyed. This mystery is still plaguing society to where it will reach a breaking point and you won’t even know the power of your own gender, brought to you by the overlords through the media.

The old values of strength and family will become ruined where men do not want anything to do with the entrapment of females projecting their own hatred against men. The incubator of the home front and the nest is not secure but in conflict, and you wonder why society is so corrupted. All that passes through is a continuation and perpetuation of distorted insecurities and mental anguish causing frustration, collectively manipulated with more propaganda which will ultimately cause the fall of civilisation as you know it.


Image: consciousreminder 

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