The fundamental principle of life is when one is in touch with their force of spirit that is in action. Know that gravity is linked with the soul in the cause of growth. Fear is when you become weakened and a victim of worries. You have a term called faith that should be looked at as a dynamic force of consciousness manifesting its reality for growth.

You believe in gods to help you and there are many, and most are the iconic gods created by the structures of dominance on your planet oppressing you. Destroy your connection to instinct then opportunity and serendipity will not flow into your psyche and you will not be in the currents of manifestation and creation. You will be a product of the agenda and corporate world boxing you in as human resources and slavery.

When you take the path of spirit you learn to let go of the intertwining spider webs and tentacles that suck you in and are not of the connection to nature and soul. Cut the enticements that weaken and stop your nature of destiny and experience.

Walk as a warrior and track your path or you will drive on wagon wheels and a restless western mindset with an illusion of safety and security.


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