In my previous teachings, I have told you about reality being the greatest show on earth, a wondrous theatre of drama, sadness, joy and fear. You are now arriving at technology where you are starting to see things that would be normally hidden, especially if you are spiritual and a self-realised entity that is few and far between from the masses of amnesia and programmed sheep of the collective.

This must be disclosed to you in all fairness, simple rules of the game are being taught to you but you are not listening. This is all an illusion and you are running around in the game with all the props in the theatre. One partial element that the photographers are finding are termed rods and if you have a fast camera you will see geometrical objects moving around like vessels. Some look like spheres, coils, and orbs.

These are the circuity of the holographic quantum that maintains the aquarium of the earth and the Moon which is a holographic projection and alien device. You hold yourself as a species of inhabitants somehow being greater than the world when you are but a collection of souls and programs running and not the main server of the world.

You are here as visitors and some are prisoners in the world for that is also a working program. Some religions hint this as purgatory and others astral planes but the reality is the mechanism of this aquarium is more ancient and of greater history than what you have been told. What is to occur has nothing to do with the inhabitants necessarily, for the planet is going to be restored and recalibrated.

There will be updates and changes of the dwellers inner dimensionally and physically and you must understand that you are all visitors. You will not destroy this world, it is not yours to destroy. In a blink of an eye, if the world wishes, the sentient being that it is can clear you like reformatting a computer screen. Not your souls or consciousness but what you have built on the applications and programs allowed to run on the computer and backdrop.

The world is living and is as a womb, a mother of creation. The return of the keepers of higher ancients of days are returning like technicians to work and recalibrate the circuitry of the earth but also to download many of you into memory sticks of new bodies like flash drives of liquid crystal containers for your next quantum supercomputer experience.

The lower programs and distorted entities will also be downloaded into denser false drives so that they can continue working their programs for their evolution in the lower density realms. These are called astral planes or quantum units, all based on frequency, consciousness, understanding, and evolution.

Keep in mind, the thieves that have stolen your history are now being removed and a new order and recalibration will be established in the next dispensation of awareness. Welcome to the ‘Age of Aquarius’, it is real.


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