What precipitates through your life when you become detached with a decalcified pineal gland and a brainwashed mind purely serves a body of the overlords and govern-mental. What you have is a container that becomes an outdated computer, hard to boot up, feeble, and running old programs never accessing portals of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and the integration of the soul connected to the presence that you think you are.

What you have is a relic that is playing like an old reel to reel recorder, for many of you have the perception and nothing to say but programs that are meaningless in today’s world. For until you become anew with that ever-presence of consciousness, the sediment of what you are in time becomes ever pronounced to a stagnant shell and brain degeneration sets in because in essence, you don’t remember your soul so you do not remember with a functional mind.

And this is the price you pay for living in illusion, or living in the enlightenment of spiritual realities and of the spiritual consciousness that is not attached to the frequencies of the world but ever adapting. You have a saying on your world ‘set in your ways’ and the only way you think again is when you think outside of the box and you unite with the universal presence once again.


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