You are sentient beings whether you like it or not because you are perceivers of what is before your eyes, ears, and mind so it is you that must make a go of it. Everything that is alive is sentient and has awareness.

If you see an animal like a dog or cat and you acknowledge them with emotional love and appreciation of what they are as a loving being of presence and experience, they will turn to you and light up and respond. That recognition is the divinity of the spark of life force in everyone. It is the brilliance of the cosmos, but that knowledge has been forgotten.

It is only the shadow of your separateness and isolation based on concepts and limitations that you fall into patterns of measure designed by governments, peers, and religions. So then wildness of your nature often fails to come out to expose itself in the act of creation where will you find your creation and nobleness.

Get out of your cast systems and radiate love as a beam of light and presence without the turbulent mind and baggage of affairs left uncompleted or hurt. Lay down the gravity of your negativity and descend to the lightness of light. For this is true enlightenment.


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