Keep in mind your perception of reality is where you are focusing, but the truth of the matter is time is a unitised volume of experiences and it is your holding on to patterns that throw the baby out with the wash. It is harder to hold negativity than it is to hold love, but holding requires you to become the Atlas to lift up the world and weighs heavily on your shoulders.

You must learn comparable to a dictionary for there are many different definitions and you can thumb through many words both negative and positive. All negative experiences in your life are what you focus on and so are memories and the future. If you do not look at your life you are still looking for the definition to support a cause and effect of why you are unhappy with your life.

If and when relationships end with a family member or lover, partner or business deal, remember there were good times, bad times, times to laugh and cry, and the novelties. To flip back when you think of other people is the charge that you hold on to, so when you ‘throw the book’ at somebody you have to include everything, not just what you cut out in the negative things of that person.

No one is totally bad or totally good, nor their problems. It is your reaction and considering to stay that keeps you stuck and that is a choice. My advice is to learn what you want to write about in the author of your life and you will find yourself being less stuck in the melodramas of everybody else’s business.

You are free to choose your episodes more than you think you are.

The Teachings of Quential


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