When you have become solidified in your ignorance and stuck in life, you feel that you are immobile and cannot change however nothing could be further from the truth of your universal potential. For change is merely a change of state. If you are stuck in the solidness of your pain and illusion, become fluid or vapour.

What this means is that your soul can take on many forms and many creations. It is your belief system and your patterns that gel realities and the fractal experiences that you are going through, so the most important thing to understand is that your position and your view equates to your held realities and the manifestation of what you think you are.

Change your pattern and thoughts and immediately you have changed the consciousness of your world. If you are negative, change your state. Change to positive and send out a positive intention and focus your force of energy on that. If people light up your negative held images remove yourself and turn inward finding repair and contemplation.

Motivation can only come from you and is best accomplished by being inspired by spiritual knowledge, pure diet, and removal of yourself from negative people. You will always find what it is you are looking for or what you fear, for that is the magnet you put in front of you with reality.

If you seek pain and negativity to project to the world that is what you will receive. You always have a choice on what it is you are broadcasting and what it is you receive. Your experiences are sediments of your intention, they do not just happen to you.


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