Let the book of your life be your autograph, your biography, and the signature of your empowerment and your uniqueness. Let every day of your life be like the thread passing through the binding of your days. Record your lessons and put the script of your knowing in the sojourn of your life, for it is only temporal.

The meaning of life is empty, or it filled with lined actions and events and wisdom you have created and harnessed. As writers get writer’s block so do motivated people but ultimately when you see that life is for wisdom and for learning what binds your mind, soul, and heart to the wisdom, then you have arrived with a life scripted with meaning.

The importance of life is for you to understand cause and effect, actions and inactions, attitudes of hate, fear, and love, and all the other amenities in the spices of potential. When you can be busy writing the script and book of your information then life will unfold in such a dynamic way when you have found wisdom.

If you would be more apt of learning grammar and the basic fundamentals and identification of having a clean slate then you will understand that in the structure of life there are rules and principles that earn the language of your culture in your experience. If you take your time worrying about how others are wrestling with their books you have neglected your own.

Life is your responsibility and you are the authority. The value of life is earned by your scripture and the greater you learn that the novel is not about religion nor governments, then life takes on a purpose and your adept and purpose will be what you create. It is about your own inspiration and own inner spiritual reflection.

Your ignorance is the failure to grow up and reach the state of internal learning that is beyond your daily traumas and your daily struggles. Your life is the precious diary of your soul in the harvest of learning and wisdom.


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