And it shall come to pass that all the withholds of your energies shall bounce into force of what you are. For the Universe will be amplifying your core and your nature will be lit up from the dim sense to the brighter sense, for time is going to make a great acceleration. The nature of yourself will be coming out. What this means is all of your positive forces will spring forth into immediate clarity sending away your negativity which lit up previously for you to work out.

For most of you, your past grievances have been accelerating over the last year. What is now going to happen is a stream of your inner potential will manifest what you have always hoped to be in your purest form. And for you that have snapped the cord to your soul and have failed to have compassion and the insight beyond the matrix of the world, you that have not been guided by the soul and consciousness, a great monster will be established.

Many will become very violent and chaotic with the principle of their addictions and violations of the laws of society and nature. The byproduct of that spiral of negativity will be magnified and great will shall be the chasm of the spiritually enlightened and the dark and deluded, and many conflicts will be among you. Very many will be bonding with closeness, and strength will be with those that follow the path of light.

Those that have betrayed following the path of light with an agenda that is not clear and wholesome, your natures will be exposed. Much corruption in the church and politics and much corruption in the law enforcement will be reaching critical mass. Those that are ready to make a quantum leap will have an acceleration in their molecular and spiritual bodies and those that have been in an illusion will sink deeper.

It is a great time for the precipitation of the elements of your soul and your cord and a time of great accounting. Not for any god or any saviour but for the change of state for your soul, body, and mind. The world will accelerate a course and events are to happen in extreme, from physical climatic changes to wars and social unrest. This is not the end of the world but an inventory of your achievement as a species and a race.

Think of it as cosmic cultivation and harvest in the fields that will be the ripened. The nutrients of life will be selected and taken from those that have not been aligned. The useful will be cultivated and the others recycled in the fields of the earth. They will be left for they are not worthy to be taken in the meals of the soul for the banquet of the keepers. It is time to understand more than the body containers that you are magnificent beings with so much to learn and so much to expand.

Many of you are losing bad habits and will be brought into new crystalline bodies with capabilities beyond your imagination, for you will have proven in this level of reality what your core and nature is. You often think that the Universe is measured by your understanding, it is not. You are on the lower levels of existence. There are many Universes and each depends on one thing great. The capacity to love and the desire to learn and to absorb information and expand as a useful element to your self and to the dimensions you enter into like a spark of divine presence.


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