When you break beyond the cold illusion and you are connected then you know by the art of knowing. When you are in the flow of metamorphic knowing and not changed to the belief of realities on this world that are blighted with religious and scientific agendas all labeled to fit the system, you are in the wavefront of energetic knowing and you do not just believe, you know.

When the souls can return to the union of their vision they flow and are connected. When they need to validate a belief system you may not know the rules because you are in a holographic system of projection and culture, one based on sequential events and validation.

If you are so worried about the outcome then that which you worry about becomes the processes of what you see and deadlock comes to the instrumental flow. When you are hypnotised or in a mediative state you are not deadlocked to the systems of the keepers of this prison world. This is why psychotropic substances can momentarily be a gateway to break the veil.

There is a quickening that happens like a nervous twitch that pulls you up to a state of perception that pierces the veil because you are in an altered state of consciousness. Your very foundation is not held and becomes fluid and resonates with the fractal consciousness of the Universe. To behold that state is when pure genius and creativity is allowed to be without qualification, except for a dynamic flow of heart and innocence.

This is the death of the body-mind and the freeing of the held soul to reunite with the cosmos, for you are more than what you think you are. You are what you feel you are. Return to that state of consciousness and you will have mastered beyond earth and the perceptions of the concepts of societies.

For when you are of the heart the wisdom of the soul and the union of presence and speak of nature, you are back in the family of the inner gridwork and the voice of Gaia and the cosmos. You are led and guided with synchronicity events beyond your imagination, and through your imagination. This happens when you are taken on the journey.


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