The factions of religion particularly Christianity, Islam, and Judaism hold a script of belief in the mindset that empowers the patriarchal concept of reality. The patriarchal mindset is aggressive hostility, war, conflict, and suppression. It doesn’t operate a flow, it operates in conquering, dividing, holding, and lacks the softness, flow, and context to nature.

These religious and mental scripts lack respect and nature in life and come from aggression and blood for a saviour, servitude, sacrifice, hellfire and brimstone, secularism, and privilege. They know they are right because anyone that dares to question is their adversary and of the devil and this is the precise tool that the religious leaders use to control and masses.

They are the watchdogs of the heart and internal understanding that you are meant to have. There is merit in morals with respect for your parents and your governments for you need to be governed at this time of your species, but the magic and growth of the spirit is a sacrifice that must take place with the loss of respect for nature.

Until religions are ousted from the planet with slavery minds that have been entrapped by the fear they have created, the earth will suffer a blight of consciousness. There was a time a mind questioned like a young student wanting to know the fundamental question of ‘why am I here?‘. A question of the mind in view of the soul in the body.

But if the entity wanting to expand and know is automatically locked into the keepers that will not allow any new understanding that goes against the strongly held belief systems, they are ostracised, ashamed, condemned, and beaten with shame, guilt, and fear. Gone are the deep thinkers and deep spiritual beings who were on the path of knowing. Gone are the philosophers and seekers of wisdom and truth.

Everything now is a circus of parrots manipulating the masses for their own gain playing the system of religion and oppressing the minds of man. This has led to the wars and oppression of society. The expansion of the human psyche must take root in its creative force and union with nature and the cosmos. There is a singular belief system of lords and gods for you to be saved. Saved from what?

Immediately upon the entry with these watchdogs, you are automatically condemned to being a sinner without merit. Some are breaking out of this confinement and turning their back on religion and corrupted sciences and seek the path of conspiracy and knowledge of impressive insight into their minds, hearts, and free minds.

I salute those that have dared to break the mold and be set free to the life force of their inner spirit and spark. For those that conform to the brainwashing you will never be awakened to the real truths of the Universe but stay in the collective dream and the false truths of the elite that have hijacked man’s inheritance and knowing, and substituted reality, spiritualism, and science, for an agenda that is evil to the potential of the soul.


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