The pains and energies of the psyche of mankind are coming to surface. The collective astral energies are like magma beneath the earth and there are going to be eruptions that come through, and people will be the channels to negative or positive frequencies by the allowance of activity. It is very important to hold on to the knowledge of the principles of karma and all the deals that you have done that caused suffering so that you do not be negative, as situations are going to be lit up.

Rather, choose to be a channel of positive energy for the good of mankind and the good of the Universe. Be very careful in what you do to fight in situations that will make you more bonded in reaction and will actually promote the negative energies. Mankind is suffering as a whole and is looking for a way to pin responsibility on gender, government, or religion as they can. The planet goes through these stages of evolution and states periodically, where people’s freedoms are taken away.

People think they are doing well but they are destroying civilisation and many people are oppressed in the name of change. The reality of change begins on a personal level, not on a social level. If you lose your identity of who you are as an individual you will be enslaved to social media and mass hypnoses and a tool to those who harness your power for their agenda.

There has been enough bloodshed through communism and other social dreams that don’t work. If this was meant to be then the planet would have flourished during the 1960s and 1970s. As with nature, you need competition and stratification and dichotomies so that the strong will become stronger and the weak will become weaker through the natural selection. When you interpret this as unloving and bigotry you are going against nature to weed out the imperfections.

There is psychic pressure in the ethers, turbulence and a reaction and it is looking for anywhere to manifest. When you get a group of people with issues, negative agendas, and judgments, that very concept in itself is looking to manifest a reason for its cause like a feminazi against ‘racism and misogynistic males’. They project her own negativity to make sure she can find a man that fits that archetype, a suitable host in which to dump on and get thumped up so she can be right in her belief system.

Whatever you hold at the core of your heart in judgment and or love, whatever it is you hold there, you are seeking to make real and you can and will manifest your opinion and your position. It isn’t about being right or wrong, it is a fundamental law of creation. You can never be happy or in balance without colouring your mind and involvements in the dramas of the world. When people begin to unplug from the winds and hurricanes they find stillness and clarity.

They are the ones that ground the storms and silently do their work as the healers to negative vibrations. Whereas the demonstrators and social justice warriors are creating more tension and more negativity and pain upon the planet, while at the same time reinforcing the weak and encouraging them to blame others instead of finding strength in themselves.

This is why socialism will not work.


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