Women need to stop being what they are not and start being what they are. Women are women and men are men, period. Their gender’s chromosomes and whole frequency are completely different. Men cannot give birth to children and there are no women who can deliver seed with semen, so what am I missing here with gender identification?

Who is giving out these false messages of non-gender and inequality in itself and botching mindsets? Why would anyone want to blight children into teaching them what warps their identification and minds? The Universe has been alive a long long time, millions of years, so I ask you how can this generation be so deranged and scrambled in their thought to think otherwise?

Women need to start being women and men need to start being men. There have always been hiccups in the identification of rebellious entities who don’t except what they are but this doesn’t mean that everyone else should bear the chaotic view of their way of thinking. If that is what they are, so be it, but why is it thrown in your faces?

Why must you follow their lifestyle? Who is behind the programming of young children to create doubt and misguided sexual behaviour? Sex is a very powerful act and with that come responsibilities of your behaviour usually accepted with sound minds. This should cease now for this activity will be the very downfall of humanity.

And believe me, it does upset the higher dimensional beings that shake their heads and think how can this program be so corrupted. It is as if there are sinister forces working with full knowledge that these beings will be returning and this type of activity makes them react by destroying society to cataclysmic events.

The fundamental units of life that should have consciousness have been corrupted of evolution which affects the psyche of mankind. Why is this being allowed to breed and for what agenda? This I can tell you, the agenda is from the New World Order that wants to destroy the world and this era.

The corrupted politicians that are in office managing society are forcing you into accepting this behaviour. I call to you, those that have noble minds and wisdom, and who do not have a corrupted sense of right and wrong, to take a stance on this ideology and to rouse those around you and not be bullied for this will be the downfall and elimination of your species. Hear this as a warning.


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