What you call and conceive yourself to be are the collective frequencies, wavelengths, and charges you carry with you. Your sciences are scratching the surface of electromagnetism. This teaching is one of 12 teachings of the fundamental ways of currents and charges. In these teachings, I will be talking about liquid capacitors and energy which is the science that you will understand of the holographic nature of matter. These are fundamental principles of matter which follow science, physics, nature, and reality.

Your current misguided ignorant dreamers have no consequence for obliterating the principle of what everything is built on. In fact, it is ludicrous. There are polarities of north and south, positives and negatives, male and female, and there are not 72 genders. We of the higher realms are asking ourselves how you are led to such ignorance to justify the blatant abomination to nature, with consequences to your lives, health, and welfare. I hope to teach you the fundamentals of science, nature, and the quantum realm beyond sciences that you will learn.

The first principle is that you are electric semiconductors. Your bones have piezoelectric crystals that work with calcium, ions, and magnesium. When your sciences develop LaTeX matrices and torsion fields you understand science and transmutation. Everything within you and about you is a state of charge. Your body is electric through a chemical exchange, ions, and torsion units, which are electrons and fields of magnetic pulsed charges. What you collect about you as magnetic pulsed charges are electricity as you understand it.

Your body has a crystalline energy field and when there is disruption there is a lack of vitality and lower astral lifeforce energy through the personality connected to the soul spark in a body unit. There is a selection of charges that run your world and containment of your reality. What you perceive is a movie happening in the gigahertz, down to lower vibrations that your kind perceive as average. This realm is of lower vibration caught as solid but everything is fluid and everything is energy.

Your very spine has a North and South Pole, the medulla oblongata (north), and the base of your spine (south), which generates magnetic vortices and is your central being. These charges hit the base of the spine which spins at the ganglion (nerve) bodies. Your will, desire, and habits are creating you and constantly creating waves and oceans of you. If only you could see your body at higher frequencies with many different layers. When there is disruption of behaviour the energy becomes stagnant and bound with sickness as well as aging.

Everything that is thought and felt has been programmed through the bio units. When you eat dead flesh the body must rid these toxins to correct itself. Depending on the level of awareness, the eating of meat and any lustful thoughts will have serious consequences. When you are exchanging energy and frequency you can infect your psyche with debris simply by sleeping with someone but that is your choice. You are free to experience your learning and ignorance, there is no right or wrong only consequence.

To summarise this teaching, you are energy and always will be energy. Consciousness will always be present in what you choose to be. You cannot run from yourself.


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