It is with great enthusiasm that I wish to make good on my word about the channel of electromagnetism and science of your reality. You are held together by imagination, belief, and feeling. Your feelings are one of the most powerful elements of your psyche and being. Guard them well. You term them emotions which are energy in motion. Emotions create and feelings create. It is the ingestion of two polarities, and with an intense feeling that you call the ‘orgasm‘, that unites gametes. It is the supernova of life. With a charge and ignition a soul is called and fibrillated into an earth body with a soul of the higher frequencies, with a memory stick and biological form of chemical reactions, polypeptides, chromosome ladders, and liquid crystal matrix.

The power of life is not something you discount with abortions and baggage and those that unite in this ignition are held responsible, for married into them is a fraction of themselves they will always be responsible for. Take your sacred acts of sexual connections very seriously because there are powerful implications of fractal unity and fractal realities that are shaken into an agreement at that moment. Your children are your responsibly, the same as yourself. This is primordial and this is understood. It is with the power of belief you try to change that, but masters know the know and put aside belief and faith.

That is why you are programmed in life with sexuality and this is why the media of the elite is obliterating your sense of reason through the contradiction of values of the sexual energies that you are. The power of guilt is a congested sense of feeling and purpose. Shame and guilt scar and fragment one’s identity. A fragmented and shamed person is imprinted with a cause in spending their life undoing this implant that can be so detrimental. That is why it is so important to constantly recalibrate the forcefields of how you feel about yourself. Maintain integrity at every cost because integrity is the mark of your character and the alignment of the fields within your being to a guided person.

This is why the corrupted morals of which people have no integrity and have no power are demagnetized in their essence of creation. When there is not an alignment and calibration of character with the soul in harmony with nature then the being will become a host to the manifestation of every bad thought of resonating attraction of similar realities. Wherever you go, you are a bundle of pictures of self whether consciously or not. If you only knew the power of mediation, not to worship gods or the planets but to make yourself a channel to the frequency and state of love, for the state of love is the highest state of all. Remember, your essence is consciousness within but you must learn the language of the lost to bring them home to learn to love themselves.

Everyone has a certain frequency and a certain way of being touched emotionally and this can be modified by rejections, shuns, and shame. This is why you as parents must help your child to be self-sufficient and be the mirror of yourself. What you heal in yourself you have the opportunity to heal through your children. They are the arrows that you fire from your bow, they are your life journey. Understand that the footprint of yourself is multi-dimensional just like the very spectrum you know as electromagnetism. What you perceive is only a small fragment of the electromagnetic spectrum but what you can feel is the entirety. You are more than your bodies, you are more than your mind, and you are only limited by your calibration and imagination.

Understand, that with intent and visualisation and becoming aware with knowledge of the vortices around you the ancient knowledge of yourself can come to be, where you can accelerate your forcefield and dreams and potentiality.

Become the artist, if you only knew the greatest opportunity to have a body. All it takes is a positive attitude and the willingness to change, for change is the currency, and the adaptability and fluidity of spirit.


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