Walk quietly in the peace of your mind and be in nature. Consciousness is a state of the quietness of mind and thought and the state of awareness and is only achieved when the mind is quiet. What the mind is experiencing is linked to consciousness and linked to everything. By learning the lesson of this state of mind you are in the moment and have achieved a consciousness ever-present because it is pinpointed in the moment of time, the sequential.

When you can learn to establish your presence by being fully in the moment then there is a power that unites and manifests what it is you desire, because when you know what it is you desire and hold it then the Universe will create it for you. Everything is woven of particles and energy and there are endless amounts of resources about you. There is no scarcity, that is an illusion. The tranquility of mind allows for vision, unity, and travel, and in that travel, you begin to remember what you have forgotten in your incarnation.

The more you remember inward, the more dimensions you travel. The more you are of the higher frequencies the greater luminosity you have to manifest with greater responsibility. There are spirals of negative energy and the more you affect negative views the more judgmental you are about things and then this is what you will seek on the planet. The more you walk about negativity the more you bring life to it, like watering a weed. If the weed is not watered this dissipates. You can only harvest what you focus on.

The Universe provides all the resources, for you are the creator. You are responsible for your life and you will maintain your experience in the dust worlds until you bring yourself to a quantum leap of energizing change. You must pass the test to ascend and you have all the time in the Universe. When you are bored with ignorance then you will turn your mind to truth and knowledge, born again like a child enthusiastic about life that wants to know. That this why you came here to learn, experience, and to say goodbye to your lessons as a traveler.

When you learn this in your consciousness godspeed to you, because you will learn to let experiences go. Make your provisions and necessities, not of fear, and your life will stay afloat and on course. You are magnificent beings with great potential and I honor all of you that have come to learn. It is a challenging one indeed.


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