The contracts you make with people for your finances, employment, friendships, or even your marriage are an agreement you make with the reactionary grid of realities you choose to include in catering to what others want, for what you think and feel is like a pattern. Sometimes these are positive but oftentimes they keep you stuck with actions and creations to placate others instead of your dynamic force. This is where you need to find your dynamic.

Life is a repattern of fear and loss of what makes you happy. So many human beings live their life in a whirlwind of chain reactions. Until you break this cycle your life will be bound with slavery and constant patterns of others’ energy. Some people really know how to play and manipulate you to make you feel emotionally responsible and the harder you try to please the more stuck you become.

The purpose of this teaching is for you to back away, observe and regroup. Breathe, sit down, and plan your life and claim your territory then the stresses of life will reduce. This is what you need to learn in a complex society for you are all victims of the effects and beliefs of financial employment and the need to survive. The first priority is with the soul and to find and change the patterns that have been happening.

You need to understand what powerful creators you are and how often you give it away. The greatest thing is not to fuel reactionary activity. Focus your attention on what you want to achieve with efforts that follow that pattern, then you must cut the vines that keep you stuck. When you begin to feel calm in a direction that is centered you let go of the need to participate in drama and your life will change course in a much more balanced manner.

Always be aware of the energies of sex and the need to be with people for companionship. It is best to learn reflective thinking and find yourself in the company of your higher mind talking to you first. That is the soul’s evolution of an aware entity and that is the game-changer in the matrix of life and the goal of the spiritually perceptive.


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