In this teaching part 3, I wish to tell you how important it is to go with your feelings for they are your power. Power is a compass that aligns with magnetic frequencies and so are your feelings. It is a state of charge and flow of energy and is never a held consistency or held in static. Power always needs to be renewed, refreshed, and reenergised. The dynamic of illusion is to think that it lasts forever. Power is a frequency and a wave that oscillates. You never remain at the same level of power, sometimes it is greater and sometimes it is less, because it is a waveform of sinusoidal patterns of charge and experiences to your psyche and your emotional bodies.

When you insulate yourself then the currents can magnify, but if power is not flowing there is never a breath or state of change. If you are flowing too much charge to people that cannot induct your fields of consciousness or power you can overwhelm them. When they become overwhelmed and you are not sensitive to that reality, then there is cognitive dissonance and that is what you must become aware of. The more you begin to experience the uplifting of your power and bandwidth you must learn to calibrate with the measurement of the higher frequencies and not those around you.

When there is a disturbance in the field and you have reached a saturation you must learn to understand and leave before there is a short circuit that will cause rejection of your heart. The difficulty you have with communication is the loss of the connection to nature and soul input because of fear and misprogramming and your state of consciousness in denial. Some people cannot deal with interdimensional realities. They are still stuck in the density of this realm and are clinging to the density of this earth because their pineal glands are not functioning.

They are programmed through microwaves, mass media, fluoridated water, toxic food, and their souls are segregated en masse. When you have a group of degraded entities then they become a pack of hyenas and group minded. One dominant leader is controlling them and they are not being rational in their mindset. Groups of people are mentally dead and not connected to nature, their hearts, or inner compass, and they will group together and fabricate lies and information to protect their pack.

Be very careful, you must be a wise warrior to walk with the programming frequencies and brainwashed entities walking the planet linked through artificial intelligence and the handiwork of interdimensional beings controlling and harvesting their life force energies. They know of the power of mass hysteria and these beings will automatically dense your power. If under the control of these dark forces they will use you as pawns in their game and will fully know what buttons to push. Be wise, because if you are not they will take you down for the count.

People are being played against you because you are becoming aware. There are dark masters in your world. They sport with every one of you and when you are light on the path of your inner strength they will do everything they can to prevent you being fully aware. This is a warning to you. You must remain linked through your pineal gland and be open in your inner dimensional travelling so you can be well rested and taken care of while your body sleeps in your homeworld of the higher dimension. Be warriors of light and be ever vigilant of what is going on. Remember what you came here to do to serve, for you are battling against forces without your full capacity of knowing. That is why rest is so important.

When you fall asleep in the dream world you travel to the inner dimensions and you remember the true reality. Keep the veil open and guard your feelings, for that is the doorway to travel and knowledge. We of the higher frequencies do not hold or contain energy because it is boundless and flowing. Resources are connected to the source and ever-renewed. You and your world have to hold and stockpile because you come from a point of scarcity in your thinking. The only way you will become self-empowered is for you to vibrate at higher frequencies and reunite your connection with us.

There are many levels and planes of existence, but we are from the inner earth and inner dimensional frequencies monitoring the students and ambassadors sent from time and space in the human body as the ground crew of earth. To stay on the subject of power, understand that you must have the capacity and the ability to absorb energy and light, but also be able to discharge and give to those around you in the world because power is an exchange of energy and flow. If you are not flowing then you cannot induct new and fresh fields from the quantum level from the central point of the galaxy and from the black holes or the pulsars.

Information is seeded into your very consciousness through symbolic symbols and the subconscious mind. If you are unrested in your state of feelings, learn to ground yourself with your feet on the ground and release it. Take this teaching to heart for what is to come. I honour those that have taken the time to remember again. We are of love and your healers and even the healers need healing. The world you are in is very toxic and in a critical mass of change. Stay steadfast and attend to your inner compass and keep your focus by a radiant state of love always. There is so much chaos and turbulence in the world because there are great metamorphic changes.

Don’t hold on, just flow and ground yourself. It is all being taken care of and great assistance is coming to you. Watch your breath and imagine yourself with violet energy and white light. Make it so with the frequencies around you and it will be there with a state of charge. It is the breath of life and the resonance of frequencies. Your sciences have lied to you as well as religions for they are all controlled by the manipulators that have stolen the teachings of man. You must have direction as you check your course. Stay true to your north and the information of your consciousness that is aligned to source.

You must purge your heart, solar plexus, and your mind periodically. Be with nature and ground yourself because in your world there are static fractal charges of anger, fear, and rejection all about you. When those charges of static become united in the allegiance of fear and anger then this becomes a force of free will and becomes a negative measure of what it is you are trying to achieve. What you call ‘Liberals’ or democratic extremists do not take responsibility for who they are. They do not take responsibility for their feelings. Weak and corrupted they are in their inner strength and must form static groups to intensify their reaction. That in itself is creating the negativity they are trying to change of being ‘hurtful’.

In reality, it is only yourself that can hurt yourself and you cannot blame that on others. Every one of you is a sovereign being that must learn your voice from your own heart and not believe in the flow of other lost entities or you will become a negative force in the cycles and flows of humans. The true warriors of light are the comedians and those of laughter and good energy, for they break the static charge and laugh at it. They take the positive of not taking things seriously, because if you do you are coming from fear. Laughter and a good joke completely obliterates the power of illusions and propaganda.

When there is political corruption and dramas on your world for elections, satirical comedy is one of the great speakers of truth. If you cannot laugh at yourself in any situation then you are powerless, for in the ability to laugh you can discharge your corrupted files in your mind based on fear and pain. There is much turbulence on your planet. Be careful of who you take sides with. Take sides with the compass of your heart and do not harm anyone, and you will have begun to understand the power of presence.

I honour those that take the time to digest and we are reaching to you. May this be the nutrients for a questioning mind for sanity.


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