Understand your state of being. Learn to be fluid and learn to be solid, for this is the principle of the liquid crystal you are as a soul being. When you chill for a moment you take the form of an embodiment. When you are too frozen, you fracture and change your state. When the being is esteemed you call this ‘spirit’ but it is really a change of state. When you learn to let go of all that is solid and embrace the steam and be fluid then you are free to travel throughout the galaxies and inner dimensions. The only imitation is thought and the comprehension to be fluidic.

Understand there is a time to be in your space and to keep all others out, to regroup, and listen to your inner sanctuary where the soul abides. This is a sacred space that you must not violate for if you dishonour your integrity you will not be the light that you are. Everything is action and implication of your marking, you term this karma. The deed is done when you change your state and look back from a perspective and send love to all that you have been involved with, including yourself as an embodiment. The trouble is you hold on to things thinking it makes you powerful when in actuality it shows your weakness.

Remember, life is a breath and is fluid. You take life in and you exhale life. That is how you must be in your thinking and position for everyone. As there is the Sun in the day so there is a setting. There is a time of darkness which is a travel and transition, so it is with your mind. Do not hold on to the darkness or light, follow the currents and surrender to the patterns of the Universe. The Universe will provide you everything you need and everything you don’t need. Understand that your concepts are your limits and strengths. All is a belief system of what you value in yourself.

There are times you hate others and times you love others, for they are a mirror, but the secret is to make everything a new day and a new canvas. Leave the canvas of yesterday separate and not muddied of yesterday’s rejections of those you love. If they come back to you send them love and a new day, for the revenge keeps you stuck in chain reactions. Your judgment to others keeps you focused on issues not resolved in yourself. Remember the world is a school and playground and when you are ready to leave you will ascend to the higher realms. Life is a state of transition of what you hold on to and what you are as fluid.

So if you keep yourself on the move following love and knowledge and finding your inner brilliance then you will have no time to be stuck in an illusion. The world becomes an opportunity for lessons daily and you are not bound by it as long as you have love and hold good intensions to yourself and everyone else. Always remember to hold your sacred stance as valuable and calibrate yourself with love and universal energy. Remember to imagine yourself bathed by light and ground the negativity going to earth. What you hold in judgment you solidify as a concept you need to work on. The keys to enlightenment are to focus on the source of all that is oneness.

Change begins with letting go of the negativity that brought you into the density of reaction, for in your world you are doing time and that is why many of you are so dense and frozen.


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