Be aware of the cosmic forces that are received that come from your hands and your feet, for this is how you connect to the material realms of the earth and ethers. Touch unites the creative forces with a stream of energy. When you touch in good intention with warmth and love an embracement of love can send dynamic frequencies that are healing and necessary in life.

Each one of your digits has a current linked in it and is a magnetic receptor and grounder. Your feet are meant to touch the ground to plug you into the gridwork of the earth and it is best to be grounded on a natural surface. Part of the condition of sickness is that people are not grounding their energy that comes into their bodies into the mind and psyche.

This is causing static and toxic energy fields in the body because it is not grounding. If not grounding and flowing it becomes stagnant, and stagnant energy decreases the etheric body currents and leaves the human form open to degenerative and toxic energy fields and sickness, as well as lower astral entities.

Even though you may evolve with technologies it is still essential to get connected to the principles of the earth and the cosmos. Your bodyworks are a conductor, semiconductor, and capacitor. Being ignorant of the principles of life force, proper nutrition, breathing, and positive thinking can lead to many cases of sickness that are manifested in the body which begins with energy and frequency level.

When you reach to touch something you are working from your minds and hands. Fields of energy literally create through the hands as a healing force. Your bodies are remarkable machines and the ways of the ancient knowledge have been lost in what you call modern medicine. The trouble with medicine is you do not work the principles of the body.

Instead, you work to eradicate the intruding elements, some of which are very necessary bacteria that do their job to digest and remove excessive mucus in the body. Too much energy is being spent on antibiotics instead of probiotics. Too much energy is spent on fighting instead of creating a field of good energy and good thoughts, with the actions of the new day filled with a positive creation and a scripted plan.

The problem with a lot of people is that they are bored with their lives and are not setting goals and developing their consciousness, learning, and connecting with the higher realms of the cosmos. If you are not in a state of dynamic pulling by the inspiration of your soul and consciousness then what you are asking for is death and an ending.

You do not have to be bored and you do not have to be ‘old’, but you do have to understand the principles of how the body works and the value of consciousness brought into the mind and the personality.

The Teachings of Quential

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