There is a voice, reason, and knowingness that always has the immediate answer within, and your habit and response are how dynamic and aware you become. You already know what it is you need to do with every situation. It is your excuses and attitude that greatly affect what you listen to and what you need to do. Learning your knowledge and achieving a rhythm helps you achieve clarity, hence the term ‘let your consciousness be your guide’ for it is your guide.

It is best to learn to voice yourself with the surrendering to the higher self, not the attitude of an authority rebelling. You are more aware than you realise. There are many signals into the consciousness that becomes part of your essence and part of the habit of yourself in being dynamic. When you begin to follow the chain of what you need to do and follow the change of what you affiliate to, it opens up what you need to do.

When you are tired and restless take time to rest. The more you begin to listen and follow the guidance of your soul then life becomes an automatic journey and a great adventure. You can train yourself to be dynamic or a fool by not listening. Just as good habits are accumulated so are bad habits. The only one you can blame for your existence is yourself. Life does not need to be that hard, it is ignorant activity that creates your suffering.

That is why when you create a spiritual stance of life with honor and integrity, that is what the Universe will reward you. Always take time to regenerate yourself for your personal soul journey and a tune-up with your oversoul, for life is meant for growth, experience, discipline, opportunities, and challenges. The only thing complicated about life is based on a negative attitude, lack of preparation, and failure to study and gain knowledge. It is never too late to invest in yourself.


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