The Universe rewards the ambitious and hard workers that take the time to study and develop. The lever in making the shift is being clever and knowledgeable. The Universe will always reward the learners and the hard workers with a positive attitude and the negative lazy ones will always meet with bad outcomes. These are often the low calibre takers and thieves on the planet who are lazy and idle and their character is far from the hearts of their souls.

The spiritual have ambition in themselves to excel and they know the value of hard work. Crying and being lazy is parasitic and becomes a plaque to society and is unsustainable. A strong society is also based on family, moral character, and education. Excessive breeding can cause a tumbling effect where hard work will not give the break or the basic fundamentals of society, and if the rich become too rich and too controlling for the middle class then there will be a fall and a revolution.

People are willing to work hard and are willing to work for their superiors but must be compensated with sustainable pay and opportunity. If the corporations, governments, and taxes become excessive the whole economic structure will fall. As it is now, much of the basic comforts of life have become overburdened for housing, food, and medicine. Because of greedy infrastructures and corporations and dominance by the new world order and banking industry the last thing you want to do is have the working class restless and rebelling.

The working class are the pillars that hold society together. At the top are the manipulators and at the bottom are often the parasitic takers. Be wise to not destroy the working class and the hard workers that may ultimately destroy the royalty and peasants into mass revolution. The nature of man will not work with socialism nor overburdened governments. People need to be rewarded and have the opportunity to excel.

But the takers and the drainers of society should not be reared by bleeding institutions by their laziness and corrupted mental values and addictions. Nor should it become the responsibility of the working class to be burdened by the useless stragglers of society. This disparity between the really rich and the poor and lazy has to be resolved for there will be a loss of a society that is manageable and sustainable.


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