Today’s teaching is for you to be aware of the energy coming through and aggression about yourself and other people. There are frequencies on the planet that ebb and flow which come from influential vibrations and electromagnetic frequencies and alignments. This has been known for centuries and is indeed very real with astrology and is a very valid science, and the elites and know the cycles of the sun and the planets.

Don’t be surprised if you meet people who are irritable because this is the energy in the cosmos. Take a look at what is angering you at the core and take the time to make changes and resolutions with people. This is not a bad thing, it is time to be aware. It is a storm that is affecting the psyche. Don’t be surprised if people rebel as there is something in the air lighting up these frequencies.

These are necessary, but also follow a variation of opposites like the term manic depressive. Many different energies on various frequencies are affecting your consciousness. Look at what is angering you and the messages, and monitor yourself and situations. I say this to you because my channel (Mark) has to be told not to feed this and just watch it. It is a vibration that is not just affecting you.

If someone thinks negative things about you they are connecting to you and this is a subliminal telephone call like an interdimensional Skype. Be aware as many things will manifest and this is a great opportunity to make changes. Nothing bad will unite you negatively unless you take action. You have to be aware of your stuffed feelings because these very emotions that light up and the thoughts they provoke have to be dealt with. Be aware when you fire missiles, there are consequences.

Try as best as you can to be aware and observe what you are doing at this time. There is also a lot of tinkering with chemtrails and energy frequencies modifying the weather which affects the psyche. Be aware of chemtrails that are light and dark in colour, one being sprayed right after the other. There is a tremendous amount of energy being projected through the atmosphere stirring up microwaves and turbulence.

You are about to have wonderful energy coming to the earth that can cause a lot of good things and these monstrous beings working in the government circumvent the frequencies coming to the planet. Some of the leaders of this world have such negative and dark agendas that affect humans without caring or having compassion. They don’t see human life as having credibility for potential but as being subjects and inferior containers that have to be dealt with and used as human resources.

Be aware and very careful of toxins in the atmosphere, in the food chains, the water, and even with the medicines and medication.


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