There should always be checks and balances granted but sometimes the freedoms of people’s speech and responsibility for who they are get colluded by people who claim they are ‘hurt and triggered’. This has become a harassing element to the constitution and freedom of speech. When somebody says something you don’t like you can always leave and not be around that person so this does not violate the other person’s freedom of speech.

Nobody hurts you but yourself. It is you who is offended and if you are over sensitive that is because you are weak. Develop your sense of expression with criteria and speak instead of gathering people in numbers to strong-arm a situation. This is not positive, this is abusive. When you feel and think negative thoughts to someone that is your leader it creates a great negative that must be overcome. You have one America, one nation, so why do you seek to divide it with political views?

You are being manipulated because this is an imbalance that is not logical. You can have your principles and opinions but you must look at what is happening in life, work, or politics that represents the people, not just your own political or concealed views. There is a lot of great things happening like diminished war, military, weaponry, and the Space force. What is wrong with the concept of ‘making America great again?’. America is your country where you were born.

Others have their own countries where they were born and they work hard for their country but many societies are overloaded with high taxes and takers who abuse the system. If you want to come to America follow the legal process, this is the law. When you motivate people by rewarding them with laziness, corruption, and misbehaviour, you will promote that. I don’t like to talk politics but I think it is time to take a stand because there are more important things to worry about that need addressing.

You should maintain the power and mobility of the eagle because then your system will have the perspective of the left and the right-wing to keep each other in check. But as it appears, you only have one left-wing flapping with hot air, and the other being pulled behind it.


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