Don’t ever think that your soul has vanished or your connection to the universe is gone, or your very self will be gone at that moment. Just as some devices become frayed with connections not seated correctly, it has to do with connection when your body is out of sorts or tired. Sometimes you don’t listen and break the connection and it is the action of calibrating and reconnecting your consciousness to know you are conscious.

The compressions are the thoughts that are the essence of your being that won’t go away. Sometimes the energy of emotions is pushing and pulling with depression and sadness and intense energies that cloud your connection with consciousness. When you become pure knowing and pure being you connect and reboot. What needs to happen in your lives is energetic flow with connection and a purpose.

The way to get there is to know that you are already there. It is not going to happen at a later date or in the future. The problem is with your mind when a state of calmness and feeling in your centre is all that is necessary. Never underestimate the power of meditation and never underestimate your connection to source. Move yourself to the state of flow and knowing and your life becomes instantly easier.

Keep your thoughts positive and don’t be distracted by all the negativity in the world. What is out there is not necessarily within your being, you don’t have to mix the too. People need to take care of themselves and others need to take care of themselves tool. Be mindful of health and learn to live your life in balance with rest, work, study, and recreation. Dwindle the excessive possessions that you no longer use or they will clutter your space and mind.

Never underestimate the power of order and clarity and your life will become much easier.


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