The greatest lesson you will learn is when and how to react and when not to react. Sometimes you get stirred up with emotions that push ancient buttons and it is the reaction that gets you stuck and creates tension and problems. Sometimes just removing yourself and being neutral and not aggressive is the best energy for the solution.

It is human nature to want to retaliate and get even instead of looking at the situation and figuring out what the message is. Everyone has their issues, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but be careful not to blame others because you can divert negative circumstances just by being neutral and grounding them.

People have their issues and views and their points of mental space are theirs completely, you don’t have to own them. You don’t have to accept them when they give them to you. Understand, some people are pleasant to be with and some people are hurting and negative so be careful who you open up to and what you disclose.

Quite often you are a sounding board and people want to hear about you and they like you talking about them and their interests. What you are talking about will go a long way in your popularity but the main issue is for you to love who you are in the space of yourself in your own isolation so make friends with yourself.

When you get a certain spark of energy in your space it can ignite good things in people and I have spoken of this as a chain reaction. If you keep finding a negative chain reaction you need to be quiet and take time for yourself and find what it is you are projecting.


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