All matter in this dimension has been set into place by the primordial architects of the ancient of days. When you have achieved self-mastery and compassion for yourself then you do not need to use others for what you do not have within yourself and you do not oppress others to achieve leverage over them for their detriment. For masters help ready people, they do not invest their time in people that they know will not change.

Gravitate to your core seeds and find the pieces of realities that you feel comfortable with. Keep an open mind and consciousness to know when your soul talks to you with the lessons you need to gather for your own transformation. The temperament of a soul has been established by the poundings of the lessons and the fires of karma by the blows of a soul blacksmithing its wisdom into the finest sword through illusion.

A word of caution, get your satisfaction and validation in the resonant frequency of the heart and mind for that will keep you centred to the wondrous wisdom. People will be drawn to you through being genuine but make your path of ascension your path or you will force others to hold a reality they cannot grasp and this makes many prisoners of hot air and piety.

The measurement of your wealth is your ability to not react. Take heed, for you must shed what you think you are. When you do there will be nothing but realisation and love which ignites those around you. This is the initiation of the soul activated in a human form. If you need to have people worship you and feel very possessive of knowledge then you are indeed insecure about the wisdom you think you know.

When you are ready you can extract the sword from the stone and use the energies from the fibres of the sword to cut the illusion.


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