It’s 2020, what is your vision? Be very careful about being forced to placate those that pressure you to be correct from their position. Some of these entities are rattled in their minds and are trying to rewrite morals and reality and will not allow you permission unless it is theirs.

Free what is from the heart and mind along with your vision. I wish to impress upon you the power of positive creative thinking with the power of vision and seeing things as they are and holding them in your mind of what you want to achieve. This is the magic of manifestation.

The dark side is when you keep holding negative feelings and judgments to prove your positions right by focusing relentlessly on all the problems in the world. Then they will become your problem. Envision positive things and do not be negative to someone with another opinion.

Your self-growth is what aligns with reason and nature and your group. A lot of the imbalances from the far left are swinging more to a centre point. It is time to put the conflict down and to be responsible for your nature and spirit and your goals and family.

In 2020 make a positive attitude your mantra and walk away from an argument. Don’t feed negativity. That is the first step in keeping yourself out of harm’s way with reactionary people looking for conflict, all of which are unhealthy.

You are one humanity and one family, it is time to put down the difference of opinion and look for clarity and peace in the world with the change that begins with love from within.


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