With family members, husbands, wives, exes, and business associates your life is a chain reaction to try and cover-up, undo and get out of the web of other people’s energies. The most important change you can make is to stop associating with others for a while making space for yourself and not others. In being concerned you are becoming facilitators to people who are using you.

A lot of what you feel about yourself is often a mirror of other people around you with relationships and actions. The first step in making better changes is to eradicate the toxic people and to send them onward. Sometimes the hardest thing you need to do is to leave a relationship where you are being abused and not cared for which ruins your self-image and takes your vital energies.

Part of being responsible is to know who to care for and who not to care for and to complete business when there are entanglements that are destructive. Your feelings are most important and you should guard them and flow with them and keep them in balance. Do not waste your feelings on others where they are not being reciprocated with positive energy.

Understand that people are very angry with themselves and they can take it out on you as a sounding board. Do not allow that in your space. People in your life could be infectiously good for you or infectiously toxic. Find your space of equilibrium and learn to cut the cords of people who do not respect you. Moreover, respect yourself and bring yourself into alignment with clarity.

Be happy and be in balance and protect your happiness by not letting your joy be corrupted by the negative people in your life. That is your responsibility. It is one thing to be kind and another thing to let yourself be abused. That is what you do not need. Learn to draw your boundaries in life for that is the foundation of your sanity.


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