Many people are talking about a shift, but few people are putting it in gear. In order to move forward, you have to get your life in gear and you have to shift and accelerate to the things that come before you. Events on the planet are going to be happening quickly, a new space and time as it were.

Great efforts are being made to rewire your mind and your bioenergies with distorting microwaves, while at the same time great and wondrous energies are coming from the cosmos. Many of you are waking up regardless and will be discovering more abilities in your mind to perceive things on psychic levels.

There will be a lot of distractions with political mass media to cover events that will be coming. Many of you are evolving greatly and coming online with your potentials while many are being sucked into corrupted perceptions of reality. It is important for you to make contact with the Sun every day for at least 15 minutes.

The Sun is broadcasting very high energy that your light bodies need and can restore a great deal of health to your bodies. Learn to move, flow, and to observe things in front of you that are chaos, and repair and correct them. Make your movement and space in the body effortless and get plenty of rest.

In your dream time, many of you will be journeying far and will be building aspects of yourself. The events of the cosmos are going to make contact with your perceptions. There is a reason you are being told of a space program. It is only the preparation of more things to come that cannot be hidden.

Be prepared for strange weather conditions and earthquakes. Many of you will awaken from your amnesia. You will make new encounters with interdimensional beings, but don’t forget, many of those beings are aspects of yourself from different dimensions.

A whirlwind of forces is converging on many levels upon your world and 2020 will mark massive and great changes. Learn to trust your intuition and the guidance that will be given on the inner planes.


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