You occupy more than one dimension, more than one reality of what you think you are right now. You are multidimensional beings in a world of experiences, thought forms, and realities, and that is why you are so complex and dynamic as humans. The different fragments of your consciousness have different outlooks on the way it deals with your life, your emotions, and what you think the reality is.

The true matter of fact is you are multidimensional and when you start tapping into your subconscious mind you will begin to see that you know more than you thought you do. It is as a coach and an actor, the aspects of yourself in existence. Part of you is learning from the emotional body, and part is the server and student that is the master.

There are two students, one is the actor and doer in the physical world and one is the soul that learns from the experiences of life. When you walk the magic of an awakening dream state and you are in connection with your dreams then you can understand the symbols and interpret icons in your dreams which are markers.

When you learn to interpret your life from this level you have a greater understanding of what works from the emotional body, mind, and soul that some term the ‘oversoul’. When you can learn to awaken in your dreams and be the observer then you will open up a secret powerhouse of awareness.

If you really want to understand who and what you are in a better dynamic of information that is really truly coming from yourself, listen to the language of your dreams and awaken in your dream state. You will be amazed by the wisdom you know in the collective consciousness in archetypal forms of the base reality in this dimension.

Here lies the key to your power and awareness of awakening in your dreams. The placement of objects and things and what happens in your life has a lot to do with your present state of mind. You can affect the outer and it will correct many of your discords instantly by changing frequencies of fractal energy units.


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