Don’t ever underestimate the power of your dreams. The more you learn to deal with dreaming and vision, the further you can travel out of time and space for this is the magic and the power of your soul to release your potential. Learn to stop dreaming in the world of all media broadcasting and propaganda. Ask yourself whether or not it is real and of what value is it to serve you.

Start to look for the things that are important for you in your personal growth. Do things that enhance and compliment your power and are of noble causes. There are great potentials that open up to you as you learn the secrets and hidden sciences, but you have to learn to believe in yourself and more importantly, to know yourself. It is very important to talk to yourself from all aspects of the doer, the perceiver, the dreamer, and the genius.

Be careful in how you compare yourself to others of the lower vibrations because when you know the masters of light and love and the sentient beings of the higher dimensions, it enhances you. When you become adrift in the lower frequencies of the deranged humans who are still wrestling with unbridled passions and toxic minds and behaviour it will affect your potentiality.

Your very strength is based on your ability of discernment and brevity with chaotic people. If you take a moment now and then to still your mind and to focus on bringing in positive energy it will go a long way in bringing positive things to your self. This will be a vital nutrient to the body and soul. Right now is a good time to make sure you have a connection with animals because they will be very grounding and very aware.


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