The collective of all your minds helps to contribute to what you call reality and you are all being allured with enticements of reaction to feel and to get emotionally and mentally involved in the dramas that the mass media is producing to lure you in, and you become a link to help creative energies giving it power.

If everyone were to start falling off the contribution of the mass hyper illusion, the world powers will lose their manipulative en masse manipulation. Part of freeing yourself in this world is to not participate in the world’s dramas. Don’t be lured because your news is set up to draw you in and have your energy focused on it.

Whenever there is a group of people that meditate and visualise harmony and positive things the areas around it become affected by vibrational frequencies that are high and violence and fear dissipate. I plead to you in this teaching to learn to separate yourself from being concerned about the news, you are being enslaved into a mental tap of negative energy force.

If you really want to make a change in the world detach and bring clarity into your life and that will make great changes on the planet. The more of you that bring in these higher frequencies the more at peace the planet will become. Stop worshipping their gods through their religions and fear tactics. Wake up from the illusion and find your centre of radiance.

When you are pulled into the matrix you have entrapments and feelings of importance and this is what entices you in the matrix. I would like to say that most humans have very good hearts and are very loving but many have been hurt as a result of being kind and loving to people that are takers and users, and they become breeding stations of more of their kind.

It is when people are hurt, dissatisfied, bored, and in pain that they lash out and magnify that onto others and that is what you have to stay away from. Learn to discharge the negative in a way it doesn’t loop you into other beings and lifeforms. The more you unplug from the matrix the more you will remember who you are as a dynamic force of presence and you will begin to awaken.

Remember, when you incarnate into a body you fall asleep and download and loop the programmes encrypted into your biological DNA. When you come online in the matrix you can rewrite the course of events in your life when you become illumined. Do not seek saviours to save you but listen to the wise sages.

You must walk upon the path of your life and many evolved souls bring life to help your pathway so you do not stumble. The world is full of many enticements, many to keep you stuck here. Learn how to open your eyes, all three of them, and learn to listen with your ears and your feelings.

Remember to get things wrapped up in life and finish up your cycles but don’t become wrapped up into them. That is a fine balance.


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